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News Archives 5501-5520
Number Title Post Date
5501 Disabled activists target Olympics 16/04/2012 09:15:00
5502 Rally for Media Reform 16/04/2012 09:16:11
5503 Bayer starts settling Yaz birth control pills lawsuits 16/04/2012 09:17:05
5504 Whooping Cough vaccine is not working 16/04/2012 09:17:52
5505 Tamiflu Made My Kid Hallucinate. I Think the Flu is Preferable to Delirium 16/04/2012 09:18:31
5506 Nobody should volunteer for clinical trials as long as research data is secret 16/04/2012 09:19:23
5507 Occupy London Supporting Pot Smoking 20/04/2012 09:15:43
5508 Dial M for Murdoch – Tom Watson MP Preface 20/04/2012 09:19:36
5509 Rebekah Brooks becomes principal “sacrificial scalp” but far worse is coming with Operation Motorman 20/04/2012 09:21:05
5510 Standards Commissioner to rule on Cayman lobbyist, Lord Blencathra 20/04/2012 09:22:41
5511 Britain's disabled are being abandoned by the state 20/04/2012 09:24:35
5512 The 100 Trillion Dollar Prize for Medicine 20/04/2012 09:27:16
5513 Merck ordered to pay $321 million in criminal Vioxx probe 20/04/2012 09:30:39
5514 Ireland: Narcolepsy rate 13 fold higher after Pandemrix vaccine 20/04/2012 09:31:31
5515 Facebook used in one of five family court cases 23/04/2012 11:06:09
5516 In family courts, 'experts' are paid to get it horribly wrong 23/04/2012 11:07:23
5517 It's all in your Head 23/04/2012 11:09:19
5518 Former Takeda Employee Links Actos to Epilepsy and Seizures 23/04/2012 11:10:05
5519 Alex loved football -- now his life's been destroyed by Swine Flu vaccine 23/04/2012 11:11:42
5520 Swine Flu vaccine has wrecked Jemma's life 23/04/2012 11:12:32

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Tamiflu Made My Kid Hallucinate. I Think the Flu is Preferable to Delirium
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Tamiflu Made My Kid Hallucinate. I Think the Flu is Preferable to Delirium

My 9-year-old son took Tamiflu and became a child possessed. I'd never heard about this potential side effect, which appears to be most common in kids.
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