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News Archives 3321-3340
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Lobby Gate - Dirty Law Political Rent Boys & Girls Rule OK In Britain
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Lobby Gate Britain Rules OK
Dirty Law Politicians Exposed
Peter Mandelson Skewered

By Jane Bryant
26 March 1010

How Democracy Implodes

In a few short weeks time, Britain will be in the throes of a General Election with the voters’ so disenchanted with our politics that a Hung Parliament is being predicted in the Polls.

It’s British Democracy For Sale in the General Election 2010! Roll Up, Roll Up British Taxpayer. Give us Members of Parliament your vote and your money. We’ll squander billions promoting toxic Swine Flu drugs for pharmaceutical industry benefit thus cutting badly needed health resources. We’ll spend lots and lots more on our expenses, filling our bellies and buying duck houses, porn films and getting our moats cleared, with accommodation fiddling of such gargantuan proportions that criminal prosecutions are the result.

What’s going on with the British is the spectacle of how a democracy run by unquestioned privilege can implode. It’s a salutary example for developing nations from Nigeria to Zimbabwe, naming but two. It’s pay-back time for those governments constantly criticised for corruption by the British. How diplomatic hands in not-so diplomatic circles must be hiding guffawing faces around the world this week at Britain’s expense. Lobby Gate Britain has arrived.

Politicians For Rent

It really couldn’t get worse, could it, running up to the British General Election? Oh yes indeedy it could. Never underestimate the capacity of our politicians to terminally sully any pretence of democracy in Britain. Last Monday, Channel 4 broadcast their Dispatches programme, Politicians For Hire, that exposed the corruption and money grubbing antics of our political rent boys & girls in all their full undercover filmed glory.

The key take home message from the politicians to the voters’ was this:

Make absolutely double-damn duck house
expenses sure that your vote gives all us
Parliamentarians the trappings of State so
that we can strut about and earn heaps as
Consultants promoting private business in your
name, at your expense and not in your best

Politicians For Hire is available here from the Channel 4 website for viewing for the next 28 days. It’s excellent. It shows explicitly how the revolving door between the government and big business operates.

What the programme revealed however is just the tip of the Lobby Gate iceberg. The Dispatches programme literally makes you want to vomit these politicians out of the system and on to the street. It’s one of the greatest scandals of our time.

Grease My Money Pole Now!

Stephen Byers MP

“I’m a cab for hire,” declares Stephen Byers MP, previous Transport Secretary of State and Business Secretary, money chops licking in the film. “I go woomph!” exclaimed Labour MP Margaret Moran, jiggling with excitement at the very same prospect.

Patricia Hewitt MP, previous Health Secretary of Sate
exposed for Big Pharma Promo

One of the worst politicians exposed has to be Patricia Hewitt, previous Secretary of State for Health and Labour MP for Leicester West, drumming up a nice line for business with Big Pharma. Are we really supposed to trust our health to these people?

The programme’s ultimate biscuit was taken however, when the dead hand of Peter Mandelson (architect of the notorious Digital Economy Bill) was revealed in all its manipulative glory over the supermarkets’ Food Labelling legislation. Supposed to give consumers better access to product contents knowledge, the supermarkets considered this Bill to be an anathema. As Consultant to Tesco, Stephen Byers duly picked up the telephone to Secretary of State for Business Peter Mandelson who promptly got the Bill delayed and amended.

Hmm... Does this Mandelson legislation manoeuvre strike a chord with anyone in relation to recent events?

The refusal by Parliament to debate the Digital Economy Bill over which there has been so much controversy is a disgrace and a symptom of the arch manipulation laid at Lord Mandelson's door year after political year with every just cause. Set to threaten the work of One Click and many other campaigning organisations, this legislation will have absolutely minimal effect on music piracy, but a massive effect on free speech.

Support The Artists

I support the right of artists to make an income from their work, everybody should, but this Digital Economy Bill is not the way to go about it. Giving the government power to disconnect politically awkward people and organsiations from the internet on mere accusation without court proceedings, close down wifi, cafés, businesses, schools and libraries, this bill must be stopped.

I can but wonder how many of the artists supporting this Bill have truly absorbed its contents and implications. Next time you feel all rich-rich starry and want to enhance your street cred by promoting anti-war sentiments or criticising government policy and the like out on the internet, just be warned that your ass too could be badly bitten by the very clauses of this Bill that you currently espouse. Find another way to protect your work and for some, the jet coke big nostrils lifestyle. Not at the expense of your fans and free speech.

Dirty Law

Peter Mandelson, Legislation Manipulator Supremo –
I’m just a phone call away

The exposure of Lobby Gate in Britain has led many to speculate just what money has changed hands between the politicians and the industry in the production of the Digital Economy Bill that has been so neatly manipulated by Peter Mandelson into a rush through ‘wash-up’ process just before the General Election, thus serving vested interests so well. I quote Lord Erroll who said the Bill was a result of “a complete and absolute abuse of parliamentary process”. The Digital Economy Bill is Dirty Law promoted by the collectively unclean.

The politicians and Ministers have stuck their fingers in their collective ears and are shouting LA LA LA LA LAH! for dear life to drown out the sentiments of the voters’ in Britain. It won’t do. Politicians for rent have been snooping on us more than anyone on earth, criminalising vast swathes of the innocent with their databases and now trying to stifle free speech on the internet.

If I were to say: ‘Hang the politicians, string em up high on Lobby Gate accusations, cut them off without court proceedings and throw them out into the gutter’, would that sound terribly harsh, radical and unfair to you? Think on. This is precisely what these Lobby Gate politicians are doing to the electorate in Britain with the legally flawed Digital Economy Bill and much else besides as they personally enrich themselves at our expense.

Lobby Gate Britain Rules OK

I wonder if by writing and publishing constantly on overt political corruption in Britain, this article will have put One Click one notch further up the greased political Disconnect Wish List totem pole in Britain that is so covered in money? Time will tell as they say.

Meanwhile, I want to know who has been paid and / or influenced and by how much over the Digital Economy Bill. As I’m sure you will all agree, this appears a most reasonable request. Speak up at the back Lord Mandelson. We’re all ears.

Tick tock.....

Jane Bryant
The One Click Group
26 March 2010

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Jane Bryant, Director, The One Click Group
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