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News Archives 3121-3140
Number Title Post Date
3121 Zambia Outraged - 46 Women Infected From HIV Trial 20/01/2010 11:56:58
3122 UK Government Pressures Doctors To Rid Them Of Deadly Swine Flu Vaccine 20/01/2010 12:02:13
3123 WHO Investigated For Pharma Corruption 20/01/2010 12:08:03
3124 Benefits & Work Publish Must Have Information For UK Claimants 21/01/2010 14:39:17
3125 Fury As Mum Is Jailed For Ending Son's Coma Hell 21/01/2010 14:45:16
3126 Someone Told Porkies About Swine Flu Risks 21/01/2010 14:46:48
3127 Hysteria - WHO Officials Hype Swine Flu For Self Promotion 21/01/2010 14:51:22
3128 Stillbirth Heartbreak After Swine Flu Jab 21/01/2010 14:54:11
3129 Swiss Issue Warning On Novartis Swine Flu Vaccine & Autoimmune Diseases 21/01/2010 14:56:23
3130 UK Government Squandered More Than 1 Billion On Swine Flu Con 21/01/2010 15:02:20
3131 UK Government Breaches Rights Of DNA Innocents 23/01/2010 13:55:36
3132 UK Social Worker Kept Quiet After Colleague Slept With 14-Year-Old Girl 23/01/2010 13:58:26
3133 Senior Barnsley Social Worker Struck Off For Harassment 23/01/2010 14:00:50
3134 Vicious UK Social Worker Verona Reeves Accused Of Misconduct 23/01/2010 14:03:09
3135 UK Social Workers Snatch Baby From Family On Spurious Grounds 23/01/2010 14:05:25
3136 Mumbai - Six-Month-Old Baby Rushed To Hospital After Polio Vaccine 23/01/2010 14:08:20
3137 Chinese Student Suffered Cerebrospinal Meningitis After Swine Flu Vaccine 23/01/2010 14:10:38
3138 Jan. 28 NH Conscientious Belief Exemption Hearing, USA 23/01/2010 14:15:24
3139 Girl Blinded By Call Centre Tamiflu Drug Didn't Have Swine Flu 23/01/2010 14:20:02
3140 Pharma's Vaccine Epidemic Goes Into Freefall 23/01/2010 14:24:02

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Pharma's Vaccine Epidemic Goes Into Freefall
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19 January 2010
Pharma's vaccine epidemic
By Julian Hofmann

The days when vaccines were the low growth cinderellas of the pharma industry, lacklustre divisions that companies felt able to offload over the past 20 years for a song, look to be long gone if GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) latest update on sales of its pandemic 'flu vaccine is anything to go by. And this could explain the huge push into vaccines in recent years as the pharmaceutical giants have sought to kick-start growth.

The boom in vaccine sales is perfectly illustrated by the performance of GSK's vaccines division in the fourth quarter. The division shipped almost 835m-worth of pandemic vaccines to governments during the period, compared with a mere 66m the year before.

But this giant leap in sales could be about to come to a juddering halt if more governments follow Germany's lead and cut previously agreed orders: Germany will now take delivery of only 34m doses of vaccine, instead of the 50m the country's federal states had ordered. The cut makes financial sense for the country's health ministry, which stands to save 133m (117m) on the renegotiated contract. Since Germany's move, other countries such as Greece and Ireland have announced reviews of their allocated shipments.

This could be ominous for the vaccines market as its impressive growth over the past few years is directly related to governments' willingness to pay most of the costs. Business research consultancy Frost & Sullivan estimates that vaccines sales will grow from $4.5bn (3.1bn) in 2007 to nearly $9.9bn in 2014. But no one can predict whether this will be sustained if governments rein in spending and patients have to make higher levels of co-payments for vaccinations. In the meantime, though, some companies are still benefiting from niche areas within vaccines. Dutch biotech company Crucell recently said sales of its paediatric vaccine, Quinavaxem, will top $750m between now and the end of 2012. That sort of performance is enough to tempt big pharma groups into the vaccines market, as Pfizer's $68bn takeover of Wyeth illustrated last year.
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