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News Archives 4961-4980
Number Title Post Date
4961 Drugged Out America 05/09/2011 15:04:47
4962 Presidential Panel Condemns US Syphilis Study in Guatemala 05/09/2011 15:05:49
4963 Narcolepsy link to GSK Swine Flu vaccine established - victims to get compensation 05/09/2011 15:11:25
4964 Pharma Admits Flu Vaccine Destroyed Children's Lives 05/09/2011 15:13:13
4965 Thyroid UK 10th Anniversary Conference, 22nd October 2011 07/09/2011 12:58:53
4966 Bent ATOS Britain and UNUM Insurance, A Country of Second Chances 07/09/2011 13:04:13
4967 Feral Overclass MP Stuart Bell Refuses To Help Constituents 07/09/2011 13:07:37
4968 Feral Overclass MP Margaret Moran Faces 21 Criminal Expenses Charges 07/09/2011 13:09:41
4969 Vaccine Wake Up Call for Parents: Your Children Are Being Taken 07/09/2011 13:11:09
4970 Science and Democracy 07/09/2011 13:12:17
4971 Globaleaks Launches Whistleblowing Framework 07/09/2011 13:15:39
4972 Associated Press review finds no threatened WikiLeaks sources 12/09/2011 13:09:22
4973 Council Of Europe Supports 'Whistleblower' Bradley Manning 12/09/2011 13:12:09
4974 22 September: Breaking the Silence: Anti-War SpeakOut/TweetOut 12/09/2011 13:14:15
4975 UK Green Party calls for the removal of ATOS from benefits assessments 12/09/2011 13:16:45
4976 Tom Watson MP Receives 'Best Internet Politician' Award 12/09/2011 13:18:37
4977 Feral overclass MP Stuart Bell threatens through Schillings lawyers 12/09/2011 13:19:47
4978 George Osborne MP Drug & Prostitution Links - Phone Hacking Scandal 12/09/2011 13:26:38
4979 Corrupt Police Data Abuse 12/09/2011 13:28:11
4980 CIA vaccines scam doctor kept from leaving Pakistan 12/09/2011 13:30:35

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Corrupt Police Data Abuse
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Police disciplined for abusing access to files on criminals

Police officers and staff have been disciplined for abusing access to secret information about criminals in Tayside and Fife.

A Fife sergeant and a detective were among those accused of misusing access to classified computer systems.

There were 22 internal investigations at Tayside Police into data handling over the course of last year and 2009, with allegations ranging from unauthorised access and disclosure through to hard copies of documents being lost.

Most incidents resulted in formal warnings but one officer was fined at a misconduct hearing in 2009 for carrying out "unauthorised computer checks" and a civilian staff member was sacked during the same year for accessing information.

Sergeant Dave Hamilton, of Tayside Police Federation, said not every case recorded is a sign of an officer deliberately accessing data for nefarious reasons.

"There are two very distinct things: one is disclosure and the other is unauthorised access.

"Disclosure is an absolute no-no and just not acceptable. Unauthorised access is not good either but it is easier to do unintentionally — when you are given so many systems to look at, sometimes mistakes are made."

A constable in Fife ended up before the courts on corruption charges in 2009, receiving a fine of £400 for conducting information checks on behalf of criminals.

Two complaints have been made against officers in Fife this year, one of whom was warned about their behaviour.

In the other it was claimed an officer passed confidential information to a third party, but this did not result in any disciplinary procedures.

Disgraced former police constable Karen Howie — previously a model officer who received two chief constable commendations — was jailed for 27 months in April for leaking information about a counterfeit cash inquiry.

Howie (35) feared she had been pictured taking drugs by Neil Hand and used her access to feed him information about a third party.

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