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An Index Of 'Arm-Twistability' Of Governments Will Be Useful
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An Index of 'Arm-twistability' of Governments Will be Useful

Jacob Puliyel on 08 Jan 2011

The authors assume that all vaccines are equally useful and cost effective in all countries. This is far from established.

The 1998 position paper of the WHO stated that countries should consider Hib burden before introducing the vaccine (1). After the Bangladesh and Indonesia probe studies showed little benefit from Hib vaccine in these countries (2), inexplicably, the WHO modified its recommendation to say Hib vaccine must be introduced in all routine immunization programs, regardless of national burden (3).

Vaccines against pneumonia (Hib and pneumococcal vaccine) only address two of the many causes of pneumonia (and causes of deaths from pneumonia). Even vaccines that are very efficacious against strain-specific-disease may have very little utility in the community, because the strain-specific-disease is a rare, compared to all the other causes of pneumonia (- low utility in terms of absolute risk reduction). For example, the Pneumococcal vaccine reduces only 3.6 cases of pneumonia per 1000 children vaccinated according to Madhi et al. The abysmal cost-benefit equation of this vaccine was discussed by us in the Lancet not long ago - ( $250,00 will need to be spent to prevent 4 cases of pneumonia. Treatment of 4 cases of pneumonia with Septan- as recommended by the WHO - would instead cost $1) (4). And this was before strain shifts made these vaccines even less useful (5-13).

The uptake of expensive vaccines of doubtful utility in poor countries thus requires a huge push. International organizations like the WHO and GAVI have all played their part. A previous study has shown that countries without democracy take up vaccines more easily (14). I wonder if one can develop an index of arm-twistability of these poor countries. Factors like corrupt dictatorships, greater dependence on foreign aid, absence of an empowered civil-society movement and lack of expertise within the country to allow it to make an independent evaluation of the costs and benefits, will all contribute to this index of arm-twistability. Excellent correlation to vaccine uptake with this index is likely to be found. It will allow international agencies to concentrate on these countries where the response to their overtures is likely to be more gratifying.

Jacob Puliyel


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