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Swine Flu Redux
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Swine flu redux

29 December 2010


It is undoubtedly the case that we are seeing more influenza at the moment. There are some genuine cases of influenza, mixed in with the high number of upper respiratory tract infections and heavy colds. Many people are being quite sensible and treating themselves. Some are behaving like headless chickens demanding to "have the doctor out" and "insisting on antibiotics".

This is the grist to the Jobbing Doctor's mill.

"Is it swine flu?" I am asked. I respond to this with the observation that it is influenza of some kind, possibly Influenza B, or H1N1 influenza, or H1N2 influenza.

It doesn't matter as there is little that we need to do with 99% of the cases, except make a clinical evaluation. I am extremely dubious about the value of Tamiflu and other similar agents, and have not prescribed it as yet. Some has been given to my patients by the out-of-hours doctors. The rationale for that seems thready to me.

Have we been caught out by this current burst of influenza? Yes, partly. People do not believe the official pronouncements, and feel that hyperbole has overtaken common sense. There has not been a significant advertising campaign this autumn, and at a local level we have had a bureaucratic restructuring of the District Nursing service so that we have lost that useful contact in protecting our elderly vulnerable patients.

People will die from influenza. Regretfully this happens every year.

But the usual media-driven panic makes much more work for Jobbing Doctors to no real benefit.

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