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4140 UK Supreme Court Rules Expenses Piggies MPs To Face Criminal Trial 10/11/2010 11:02:53

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British Police Thugs Are Out Of Control
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7 November 2010

Yet Another Woman Assaulted & Abused In Custody By British Police

On Friday, One Click published Full Pay Thug In Police Uniform Awarded Retrial that deals with the assault carried out by 6ft 3in Sgt. Mark Andrews on defenceless 59-year-old Pamela Somerville in police custody. The video of this assault contained very disturbing images.

Today we publish the video of four police officers from Cheshire assaulting Stephanie Rutter, 25, as reported by The Sun.

After a domestic row with her boyfriend, Rutter was arrested. After she arrived in custody, there was a confrontation with police.

The footage shows Rutter being stripped naked, elbowed in the jaw, handcuffed and put in leg restraints as four officers kneel or stand on her. This video also contains very disturbing images.

The police then proceeded to accuse Rutter of assaulting them. Once the court had seen this video, Rutter was entirely cleared.

Rutter reportedly said outside court: "It was four on one, and they won. They left me in the cell with blood dripping down my face and covered in bruises. I thought my jaw was broken."

This is how thugs in police uniform treat the British public. More than 2,000 police officers had at least three complaints made against them by members of the public over the past year. The British police are out of control.

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