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News Archives 3421-3440
Number Title Post Date
3421 Bombshell Dropped By UK Government Minister - Thousands Will Lose Benefits 14/04/2010 07:57:42
3422 WPI Challenges UK Psychiatric Lobby On XMRV Virus & ME/CFS Research 14/04/2010 08:04:06
3423 Expenses Scandal MPs Granted Legal Aid 14/04/2010 08:10:25
3424 Iceland To Become Fortress Of Free Speech 14/04/2010 08:12:26
3425 Internet Exposes Corrupt WHO Over Pharma Swine Flu Hoax 14/04/2010 08:15:34
3426 WHO Purposefully Promotes Hib Vaccine In Asia Misinformation 15/04/2010 16:23:13
3427 Corrupt WHO Attempts To Rewrite History To Confuse Swine Flu Inquiry 15/04/2010 16:32:49
3428 GMC Orchestrates Doctor Suspension Without Trial From Anonymous Complaint 15/04/2010 16:38:37
3429 Update 2 – Support Dr Sarah Myhill Campaign 15/04/2010 16:43:35
3430 Canada Demands GlaxoSmithKline Refund For Expired Swine Flu Vaccines 16/04/2010 10:54:42
3431 International Agencies Telling Media Lies Over Hib Vaccine 16/04/2010 11:00:38
3432 Corrupt WHO Attempts To Whitewash Swine Flu Inquiry 16/04/2010 11:03:38
3433 Britain's Digital Economy Bill Has Betrayed The Young 16/04/2010 11:06:55
3434 A Political Broadcast On Behalf Of Blank Vote Britain - 2010 General Election Special 16/04/2010 11:11:53
3435 Public Outcry Causes Cancellation Of UK Medical Records Database 17/04/2010 11:43:13
3436 Anticonvulsants Increase Suicide Risk 17/04/2010 11:47:29
3437 World Health Organisation Secures Its Own Irrelevance 17/04/2010 11:49:32
3438 Public Engagement Group Reviews U.S. Vaccine Safety System 17/04/2010 11:52:18
3439 Dutch Appeal Court Overturns De Berk Murder Conviction Based On Incorrect Statistical Data 17/04/2010 11:56:57
3440 Council Pays Out Millions To Birth Defects Children 17/04/2010 12:06:17

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A Political Broadcast On Behalf Of Blank Vote Britain - 2010 General Election Special
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Vote Blank To Rescue Our Democracy

Did you watch the party leaders’ debate on television last night? Did you see Labour's Gordon Brown, David Cameron for the Conservatives and Nick Clegg from the Liberal Democrats strut their stuff, rehearsed and contrived within an inch of their lives in full slap trying to garner votes for the British General Election? These politicians just don't get it, do they?

None of these men and their parties has the moral authority to lead Britain. We know that quite a few of our elected representatives fiddle their expenses. They lie, cheat and steal our money and when challenged over their criminal activities, look to the taxpayer to fund their defence in court. We know that many of these MPs and Lords are For Rent to the highest bidder. The Lobbygate scandal has only just begun. The British political system is blatantly broken, cocooned in undeserved privilege.

From the illegal war in Iraq that the British people did not want and demonstrated in the streets against by the millions, we know that you don't listen to us. We're fed up with being more snooped upon than any other nation on earth. We're tired of you losing our most personal and private data that we never asked to be put on any database. We're scared of our children being put at risk simply because you don't know how to protect their most private details on these databases that we don't want. We are more in debt than any other developed nation on earth. You've lost us our jobs and our homes too. You rushed the Digital Economy Bill through Parliament because of vested interests without our consent and without proper debate.The calumny list just goes on and on and on.

We've had it with you lot. We know that you can't be trusted. We want our politically bankrupt system in Britain to change. To this end, One Click launches today:

A Political Broadcast On Behalf Of Blank Vote Britain

Are you interested in your future? Do you want to play a part in deciding who governs your life for the next five years? Eligible voter and independent film maker Alan Golding has something to share.

To vote or not to vote?

For many people, the issue in this election is not who to vote for. It’s whether to vote at all.

In the last general election 17 million people who had registered to vote did not actually vote. That was 4 out of every 10 registered voters, and it was almost as many as voted Labour and Conservative combined.

The problem is that non-voters just become invisible. They are not shown in the election results, and not voting is explained away as ‘public apathy’.

In the last election in 2005, only 2 in every 10 people voted Labour, yet they won and became the government. That was possible in part because 4 in every 10 people did not vote at all. They were silent. Many just assumed their vote would make no difference.

If those non-voters had voted for who they really wanted, they could have created a huge majority for any party. Or they could have elected local independent candidates who we normally assume don’t have a chance.

Any result is possible - if we vote.

BLANK Votes Count

All votes, including blank and spoiled votes, are counted and announced in the results for each constituency on election night.

Blank votes have traditionally been few in number because people have been unaware of the option. The huge 40% of registered voters have simply not voted. There has therefore been no media or political pressure to retain blank votes in the subsequent presentations of the results, or even to require all returning officers to separate blank from spoiled votes.

This will change if significant numbers of people vote blank and it becomes part of the story of this election. Unlike non-voters, blank voters cannot be dismissed as apathetic.

The 2008 London Mayoral and Assembly elections have set the precedent for blank votes being formally recognised and retained in results. (In the London Mayoral election, 13,034 blank votes were cast, and in the Assembly Member election, 39,894 blank votes were cast.)

Blank means BLANK

Some people like to write ‘None of them’ or a comment on the ballot paper. However, in the 2008 London elections these marked papers were classified as ‘rejected votes’, not blank votes, because it could be argued that the vote was unclear or that the handwriting could make the voter identifiable. So to vote blank, the ballot paper needs to be left completely BLANK.

Two positive outcomes

This is a campaign to encourage us all to use our vote.

* A big blank vote protest would reveal the very limited support for the winning party and so make a very loud and strong public demand for improvement in UK politics.

* At the same time, people who are encouraged to go to the polling station may then decide to vote for someone they actually want to represent them in parliament but who they just assumed could not win. If that produces better MPs and not just the two usual parties, it would be an equal success.

Both outcomes are routes to real democratic improvement. With 4 in every 10 registered voters not actually voting in 2005, that is enough potential voters (blank or not blank) to make both outcomes possible. By encouraging participation, the option of blank vote could indirectly revitalise our politics.

We are publicising this site widely to engage potential voters and non-voters. Please help. When someone says they are not going to vote for anyone, just suggest they vote blank. It becomes a more interesting discussion, and it counters the justification for not voting. We say this from experience of many interesting discussions on doorsteps during the county council elections.

This is a moment when things could change. If we all take part in the election - these could be exciting times.

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