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News Archives 2341-2360
Number Title Post Date
2341 Antibiotics Put 142,000 Into USA Emergency Rooms Each Year 14/10/2008 10:11:53
2342 New Labour Government Proposes To Make Disabled Homeless 15/10/2008 12:43:18
2343 Greed: Is Psychiatry Poised For Economic Meltdown? 15/10/2008 13:04:17
2344 Ad Hominem Attack - USA MMR Pediatrician John Snyder, BMJ 15/10/2008 13:14:46
2345 School Closes Doors To Vaccine 16/10/2008 09:46:23
2346 One Thousand To Rally To Protest Vaccine Mandate 16/10/2008 09:57:54
2347 ME/CFS Conference In Calgary Announced 17/10/2008 11:25:28
2348 Bipolar Kids Need Nutrition, Not Junk Food And More Drugs 17/10/2008 11:33:56
2349 Jenny McCarthy's Son Beats Autism Caused By MMR Vaccine 17/10/2008 11:48:29
2350 Pharma 'Blind Eye' University Finally Freezes Psych Nemeroff 17/10/2008 11:56:18
2351 Junk Harvard Pharma Psychiatrists Fail Research Standards 17/10/2008 12:00:02
2352 UK Labour Government To Spy On Every Person In Britain 17/10/2008 12:04:57
2353 Fiji Slams HPV Vaccine 17/10/2008 12:12:26
2354 BMJ - MMR Most Shameful Episode In Public Health History 17/10/2008 12:15:06
2355 US Presidential Candidates - Get With The Autism Votes 17/10/2008 12:30:21
2356 JAMA Editor Hoodwinked Again 18/10/2008 11:42:58
2357 Anthrax Mass Deadly Vaccine Project - Liability Vanishes 18/10/2008 11:48:15
2358 Adverse Reaction - The APRIL Charity Conference, London UK 18/10/2008 11:52:49
2359 Deadly Drug Money 18/10/2008 17:23:36
2360 New Jersey Vaccine Freedom of Choice Rally Rocks! 18/10/2008 17:27:20

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Ad Hominem Attack - USA MMR Pediatrician John Snyder, BMJ
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The British Medical Journal
Re: The MMR story is not complete
15 October 2008
John Stone
London N22

I am surprised that John Snyder [1] (John Snyder, Chief, Section of General Pediatrics, Dept of Pediatrics, Saint Vincent's Hospital, New York, NY 10011) is allowed to attack me in the terms that he has. This is the essence of ad hominem:

"Nor, does it seem, do people like John Stone understand that science and the null-hypothesis will never be able to prove the MMR doesn't cause autism, or earthquakes, or hurricanes, or financial crises." [1]

This is instead of addressing any of the points I made [2]. It should be pointed out that MMR is a pharmaceutical product, and if the only resort to people who question its safety (like any other product) is to attack their character or intellectual competence, there is something wrong in the terms of the discussion. If witnesses to adverse drug events are treated like this by Snyder, what weight can be placed on his opinion? And what makes MMR different from other products, placing it forever beyond scientific investigation?

Snyder has no answer to the deficiencies in the epidemiology documented in my post, either from Cochrane [3] or former National Institute of Health chief Bernardine Healy [4]. And he has no answer for the fact that the passage in the Hornig study I quoted absolutely does support continuing scientific concern about this matter. Hornig [5] failed to test the Wakefield hypothesis adequately by fudging its data set, unlike Uhlmann [6], which it validates in the discussion. Healy has stated that to test the vaccine/autism hypothesis you would need to study sub- groups (as in fact Wakefield and colleagues were doing in the Uhlmann study). The only sense I can make of the passage in Hornig is that they are saying that if they had had a similar study group to Uhlmann they would likely have replicated its results. As it is we might look at the semantics of the paper's title: not "No Association between Measles Virus Vaccine and Autism with Enteropathy" but "Lack of Association" [5]. What it documents is precisely that Hornig et al have been over-eager to jettison the hypothesis.

John Stone

[1] John Snyder, 'Re: The MMR story is not complete', BMJ Rapid Responses 14 October 2008

[2] John Stone, 'The MMR story is not complete', BMJ Rapid Responses 8 October 2008

[3] V Demicheli, T Jefferson, A Rivetti, D Price,[Review] 'Vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella in children', Cochrane (Wiley 2005)

[4] CBS News, 'Leading doctor: vaccines-autism worth study'

[5] Mady Hornig, Thomas Briese, Timothy Buie, Margaret L. Bauman, Gregory Lauwers, Ulrike Siemetzki, Kimberly Hummel, Paul A. Rota, William J. Bellini, John J. O'Leary, Orla Sheils, Errol Alden, Larry Pickering, W. Ian Lipkin, 'Lack of Association between Measles Virus Vaccine and Autism with Enteropathy: A Case-Control Study', published 4 September 2008

[6] V Uhlmann, C M Martin, O Sheils, L Pilkington, I Silva, A Killalea, S B Murch, J Walker-Smith, M Thomson, A J Wakefield, and J J O'Leary, 'Potential viral pathogenic mechanism for new variant inflammatory bowel disease', Molecular Pathology, Mol Pathol. 2002 April; 55(2): 8490

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Jane Bryant, Director, One Click
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